Prime Now Experience

Today I needed an HDMI to DVI cable to connect a computer to a monitor. I wanted it right away so I started looking online for the cable at local computer stores. I planned to find the best deal and then drive to pick it up in the store. That was my plan until I found out that the more affordable cables were not available for store pickup. My only options were $15 - $30 cables and adapters.

I quickly checked Amazon to see if the prices were comparable. Not even close. The Amazon cable, exactly what I wanted, was only $6. Then I remembered that I live in a Prime Now location. (Prime Now is a part of Amazon Prime. When you order through Prime Now, they will deliver your order in 2 hours.) Sure enough, the cable was available via Prime Now. I even had to add another $14 to my cart since the minimum for delivery is $20. So in all I got the cable I wanted and some other goodies for under the price it would have cost me to get just the cable at Best Buy. Even better, I didn’t have to leave the house!

I can’t believe that the best deal for the cable I wanted at Best Buy was $30 + tax. Best Buy and other tech stores are doing it to themselves. If they can’t compete with the prices and convenience of Amazon then good riddance.